Descendant of Thieves : Ransom Fit: Grey 2-Tone Trouser

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I know some of you like to stretch the truth, so it’s fitting that your clothes stretch with you. Wear the pants alone or kill the look by matching it up with the jacket. We like how you can also wear it more casual with a tee shirt and a pair of kicks. 

      • Double sided pocket with button closure
      • Additional hidden zip side pocket + mobile device pocket
      • Adjustable waist band (scale waist down 2 sizes)
      • Back pocket triangle tab closure... can be tucked in and hidden
      • Alternative color fabric on inside bottom hem
      • 9 total pockets (one hidden... you'll see)
      • Bottom leg opening 12.5
      • 75% poly, 25% rayon
      • 105 units made (# listed on inside label)
Ransom Fit: Slim and Tapered Fit
Guaranteed Fit: If the glove don't fit, you must acquit.
Model is wearing size 32. Height 6'1