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Stand Out from the Crowd: Why Accessories Matter

It’s 2019, and men’s fashion trends are really heating up. The days of saggy jeans and grungy t-shirts are gone; luxury menswear is where it’s at. But aside from sophisticated suits, stylish shirts, and rockin’ jeans - all you men might want to think more about accessorizing. That’s right, we said “accessorizing,” meaning pieces of your wardrobe that don’t include clothing. Why accessorize, you ask? To keep your overall look and image looking dapper, of course!

First, let’s talk pocket squares. This accessory is just for show and belongs in your jacket breast pocket. They are made from a variety of fabrics and boast a number of different folds to elevate your everyday look. These high fashion pieces were originally a necessity for men attending dinner parties and other formal engagements. Nowadays, you can get away with wearing pocket squares anytime. Once you start, you’re likely to make this accessory an everyday add-on. And instead of wondering IF you should wear a pocket square, you may find yourself wondering HOW. At Dapper Direct, we have some truly sharp pocket squares designed by Hook & Albert and the Gitman Bros. that are sure to turn a few heads.

Cufflinks are one of the most decorative accessories for the modern gentleman.They make a classy statement andadd flair to your fashion that other accessories simply cannot. Once only worn by men of wealth and/or royalty, they quickly became a fashion essential by men from all walks of life. Like pocket squares, cufflinks can be worn any time as long as they fit the occasion. You can learn more about how to match them to your outfit here. They are fun fashion pieces, especially nowadays, because you can buy them in a wide range of colors, materials and patterns. With the many cufflink styles on the market, you can easily add some variety to your wardrobe with these simple, yet polished, accessories. 

We’re getting down to the details with lapel pins. If you want to add a touch of your dashing personality to your wardrobe, do it through a lapel pin. This accessory is undeniably stylish and will make any man stand out in a crowd. Like many fashion trends over the years, lapel pins have come and gone, but today, they are in! What’s even better is that you can wear them for formal events, work or even a casual night out. Accessorizing with a lapel pin will only make your entire outfit pop. You’ll see what we mean when the compliments (from women, and even other men) start to pour in. Our inventory at Dapper Direct includes a number of chic lapel pins - all designed by Hook & Albert. This small, simple and affordable piece will convey your personality and image to everyone you encounter.

Let’s not forget about the wristwatch. This handsome accessory can tell your story better than most others. They are a form of self-expression - reflecting much about your personality, depending on the make and style.Sophisticated timepieces indicate style that many men strive for. Some are looked upon as pieces of art, almost always guaranteed to be a conversation starter. Wristwatches are easy accessories to wear, and the style improvement you gain from one is instantaneous. Our exclusive collection of Shinola watches at Dapper Direct embodies tradition, history and true craftsmanship.

Think you can sport a few of these accessories? Take a look at our luxury online store, Dapper Direct, for the best in men’s fashion. In addition to pocket squares, cufflinks, lapel pins and watches, our accessories inventory includes ties, socks, hats and belts. Whatever it is you’re searching for, browse through our products online. The accessories you need to stand out from the crowd are housed with us!