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Mixing Prints & Patterns

In 2019, being “fashion-forward” is what makes you stand out from the crowd - especially if you’re a man. Sure, wearing comfy jeans, a classic T and a good ole’ pair of Sperry’s works - but if you want to take things up a notch, be bold enough to mix different prints. Err on the side of caution though, as you’ll turn a few heads with your choices because they are either flawless or because they are atrocious. Don’t let that gamble scare you; we’re about to give you simple rules for pairing patterns successfully!

This unique pattern is very distinctive. Its swirly spirals effectively grab the attention of both women and other men. Simply put, paisleys are beautiful and striking when worn correctly. Paisleys tend to look and work best as accessories in suit details such as pocket squares and neckties. In saying that though, you can absolutely sport a paisley-patterned summer shirt or shorts - just don’t wear them both together. Since paisley is a naturally busy pattern, you can tone down its intensity by choosing one of the colors from the design and using that as a solid somewhere else in your ensemble. For example, if you sport a pair of green, blue, yellow, grey and white paisley shorts, you can throw on a solid T-shirt in any of those colors and you’ll look, well, dapper!

We all know and love a good set of stripes. This pattern has been a menswear favorite for several decades, and it continues to develop as a fashion must-have. In the early days, stripes were used discreetly as pinstripes and chalk stripe designs in suits and shirts. Not anymore; now stripes are used and seen on any and everything, from bags and socks to pants and hats. It can be really easy to clash stripes, so make sure you keep them uniform throughout your clothing and take note of these three things:

  • Do not repeat stripe patterns - if wearing them on both your pants and your shirt, vary the width of the stripes.
  • Choose different proportions - if wearing stripes on both your pants and your shirt, wear vertical stripes on one piece and horizontal stripes on the other.
  • Accessorize them for a different look - wear a striped vest, tie or scarf.

Polka Dots
While polka dots are trendy and chic among women, they have been gaining incredible popularity among men. And rightfully so; they are fabulous! Their small size gives the dots the right amount of pop to make a confident fashion statement. Having said that, you can make a bold statement by varying the size of your polka dots. Go with a larger dot to create the look of added texture and adaptability. This playful pattern certainly works best on ties, pocket squares and socks, but more and more men are wearing button-up shirts, and even polka dot shorts. If you’re pairing polka dots, go with stripes or checkered patterns to achieve a subtle, classy look. If you’re unsure, you can never go wrong by pairing polka dots with solids; that’s always a safe bet.

Mixing prints can be tricky. Making sure everything looks good and works well together requires a fair amount of knowledge and (let’s be honest) some courage, too. But by following these tips, you’ll be able to don a “winning” patterned outfit. You’ll know you’ve achieved success when you catch a woman’s eye in a crowd of other men. So, are you ready to start shopping? Take a look at our luxury online store, Dapper Direct, for the best in men’s fashion. Whatever it is you’re searching for, we’re bound to have it. Browse through our products online and select a few prints and patterns that are sure to boost your style and personal brand.