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Getting the Right Fit - In More Ways Than One

Shopping for clothes is tough. Whether you’re a man, woman, slim or full-figure, tall or short - finding the right fit for items in your wardrobe can be a pain. There are so many cuts and styles for a simple pair of pants. We’ve talked to our fair share of men who shop-hop from clothing store to clothing store - desperate to find a shirt that’s not too tight or jeans that aren’t too baggy. This sounds complicated, but don’t worry, we are here to help! 

We’ll kick things off by talking about polo shirts. How should a polo shirt fit? Take a close look at the buttons; there can be two to four. Make sure the buttons stop before reaching the top of your armpit. Otherwise your polo is too big and will look like an awkward V-neck when unbuttoned. The sleeves are critical in determining the right fit - they need to stop at mid-bicep. As long as the sleeves demonstrate a light, comfortable fit around your bicep, you’re in good shape. Polos sleeves that are too tight or even too baggy tend to look tacky. For your torso, make sure the polo has one to two inches of room on either side, regardless of your body type. Too much or too little fabric on the sides means one of two things: it’s either too big or too small. We’ve had plenty of men question this tactic…until they put on a polo that actually fits.

Jeans are next on our list. We’re going to tell you how your jeans shouldfit, regardless of your age, height, or frame. The length, or inseam, is where most men go wrong. It should actually be shorter/smaller than what men think. Every pair of jeans needs to be long enough to have a half of full break. Now don’t get us wrong, it’s trendy right now for some men to wear jeans cuffed up at their ankle. That’s great if it works for you but proceed with caution; high-waters are not in style. To counter that point, men who wear jeans that are too long end up with a “stacked” look. Avoid this, you don’t want so much stacked denim that your legs look like the Michelin man.

Belts are commonly overlooked; when this happens, you’re likely to sport one that just doesn’t work. Avoiding unnecessary belt tragedies is simple! When buying a belt, know your pants waist size and buy the next size up. It’s that easy. If your pants are a 36” waist, you’ll want to buy a 38” belt. Doing so will allow for just the right amount of extra belt. When shopping for a dress belt, go with one that is as close to 1.5” wide as possible. One that is thinner will look like a women’s belt and one that is thicker hits the “casual” line. On the same note, when you’re looking for a good casual belt, try to stay between 1 ¾” and 2”. Even with an accessory like a belt, getting the right fit can help complete your overall look.

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